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1400 calorie diet – lose weight with good food choices

One of the most adopted low-calorie diets, the 1400 calorie diet is one of the best ones to lose weight. Planned carefully, 1400 calories can hold enough food choices for every kind of dieter and spell satiety for both the body and the tongue. The key to formulate this diet the best is to keep a strict watch over the calorie and nutrient content of the foods you select, restrict starch portions in food, supervise the fat intake and drink water aplenty.

Weight loss rate

Assuming that your normal diet constitutes of 2000 calories a day on an average, bringing it down to 1400 calories would help you cut off 600 calories from your intake right away, every day. Added up for 7 days, that exactly figures at 4200 calories. A deficit of 3500 calories translates to 1 pound of weight lost. So with this amount of calories cut out every week, you lose more than a pound straightaway per week – a very healthy weight loss rate which is highly sustainable.

If your usual calorie intake is more than 2000 calories, you lose even more. Your weight loss would be faster too if you top this up with 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise.


  • The most important benefit that a 1400 calorie diet offers is weight loss at a steady rate, that’s sustainable too.
  • Planned carefully, 1400 calories can just be the mark to include enough nutrients into your meal as you cut down on the calories.
  • Flexible diet plans and even restaurant meals (minus frills and dressings) can be included into your daily diet within 1400 calories.

Any cons?

  • When you are signing up for a 1400 calorie diet, you must necessarily be sure about each food item’s calorie count before you include it in your food plan, as slight deviations, added up here and there, can make for more and you might not be able to see your desired weight loss results.
  • Eating 1400 calories for an extended period can eventually slow down your metabolism. That would mean weight gain eventually.

Sample 1-day 1400 calorie diet plan


1 cup of oatmeal (cooked) with 6 almonds and ½ cup peaches mixed with 8 oz. of non-fat milk + 1 scrambled egg will give you 430 calories.

Alternatively, you can opt for 1 slice of whole-meal bread with margarine (100 calories), 2 lean sausages (250 cal), and a cup of cappuccino (75-80 calories). That would be 430 calories also.


You can keep 400 calorie worth lunch in your food platter.

A grilled chicken sandwich would make a filling lunch for 250 calories roughly. Add a 7 grain salad (100 gram) alongwith for 150 calories and you have a very wholesome lunch to give your body the best nutrient benefits.

A bowl of chicken Chinese noodles is also a good option for lunch with only 350 calories. Add a small fruit worth 50-60 calories to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Eating out

Yes, you CAN eat out when on a 1400 calorie diet. Just choose food smartly. Suggestions? Bite into a Veggie Delight 6” sub from Subway or one of KFC’s yummy Tender Roast Sandwiches – both contain around 300 calories (don’t forget to skip the sauce). Have you tried McD’s Grilled Chicken Salads? If you cut down on the dressing, that is not more than 300 calories also.

½ cup of low-fat frozen yoghurt (100 calories) can be indulged into as well after this.


1 portion of grilled fish with sweet potato fries and lettuce amounts to 400 calories. Skinless chicken fillets or turkey fillets can also be substituted for chicken but just make sure that you spare 10 minutes more to baking when doing this.

Alternatively, you can go for Spicy Chicken salad with spinach and broccoli (300 calories) and 1 small oatmeal roll (100 calories).

For 170 calories that are left, you can choose healthy snack options like a piece of apple/orange, low-fat cheese slices, a handful of mixed nuts, low calorie drinks and once in a while, a small piece of chocolate cake/ a cube of chocolate or a glass of red wine.

Carving out your own 1400 calorie diet

  • Formulating your own 1400 calorie diet would not be very difficult, as there are loads of food choices available for it. Just refer to the calorie meter when you select one and/or read food labels.
  • Include fresh veggies (boiled/steamed), fruits, lean proteins and nuts into your diet.
  • Avoid junk food items and foods that are fried and oily.
  • Drink water aplenty (8-10 glasses minimum) for best results.
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