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1500 Calorie Diet – Low On Calories, High On Benefits

A 1500 calorie diet has in store an eating plan that conforms to the most important rule of weight loss – creating a calorie deficit in the body. Although the calorific requirement to burn weight in a body differs from individual to individual, the tenet for it is usually the same everywhere – either one consumes lesser amount of food or chomps on food which contain fewer calories than what is expended on a daily basis. A 1500 calorie platter is a popular one in this aspect as it has moderate number of calories in store and if planned smartly with healthy food choices, can be good enough to provide adequate nutrition to the body while helping to melt away the inches quickly and steadily.

Benefits of 1500 calorie diet

  • When a low calorie diet of 1500 calories is consumed on a daily basis, the body turns to stored fats for the energy that it requires on top of that to work. The result is obviously weight loss.
  • A 1500 calories a day, apart from weight loss achievers can also be followed by people who require weight management for curing certain ailments.
  • People leading a sedentary lifestyle and those having slower metabolic rates can also use this diet to stay within a desirable weight range.
  • Going by numbers, one (1) pound of fat in the body is comparable to 3500 calories. So if a diet is cut down in calories and the number is brought down to 1500 from 2000, it means a neat saving of 500 calories per day from food. Added up for 7 days at a stretch (500 x7=3500), 1 lb. of weight loss is accomplishable in a week if you follow this diet plan.

1 day Sample Plan for 1500 calories menu


Mix 1 measure of protein powder to oatmeal (½ cup) cooked in water. This measure of oatmeal would constitute 150 calories but since the calorie content of the protein powder is likely to vary from brand to brand, aim towards keeping it at 80 calories in the scoop you measure out. In total, your breakfast would contain 230 calories.


400 calories maximum is your ceiling for lunch, at home or outside.


A chicken ham sandwich with tomato, olive, pear and low-fat cheese made of thick slices of whole-grain bread layered with 1 tsp. of mustard would make for a filling lunch that scores under 400 calories.

Eating out

All of McDonald’s yummy grilled chicken salads contain no more than 320 calories, if you forgo the dressing. The Caesar salad contains even less – 220 calories. To reach 400 calories, you can add 5-6 crackers in your meal even.


Lean-cut beef/ turkey breast/ broiled chicken breast (6 oz.) having calorific value of around 240 calories can be paired with 1 cup of long grain brown rice having 218 calories. A serving of broccoli (42 calories) can be included to round off the meal at 500 calories.

Total calories consumed in this 1 day meal add upto 1130 calories, still leaving 370 calories for you to consume. Include snacks like a medium size apple (75 calories) or rice cakes (50-60 calories) or a handful of almonds (75 calories), or low fat cheese strips (70 calories) to fill it up. Once in a while these calories can also be sourced in from rewarding indulgences like a small cube of chocolate or candy.

How to create your own 1500 calories plan?

The diet plan laid out above is for one day but you would need to consume 1500 calories throughout the week, for 7 days, for any benefit that you are looking forth to accomplish through it. Developing a menu plan for that as per your taste would not be difficult if you abide by the following rules –

  • Include healthy food choices like fruit smoothie, yoghurt, veggie/egg omlette, oatmeal porridge etc. in your breakfast, the meal that you must make a point NEVER to miss.
  • Keep lunches light with sandwiches, egg-cottage cheese salads, tortilla-lettuce wraps etc. with a strict eye on the calorie content.
  • Include low-cal veggies like broccoli, green beans, radish and cabbage in dinners. Thick soups can be a filling entrée. Steamed fish, grilled chicken, lean beef, whole-wheat pasta and low-fat turkey sausages are good choices too.

Small, frequent meals that are spread throughout the day is the best way to plan any diet and your diet should not be an exception too.

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