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2800 Calorie Diet Meal Plan a Day: Should You Try? Men & Women

If you have been skinny all life, you must want to gain muscles, right? Simply lifting weights can never help you become muscular and bulky, you also need to eat healthily. You may consult a dietician or a nutritionist too.

Only a good diet plan can help you gain healthy weight. When it comes to weight goals, it is essential you keep a count on your calorie intake and workout accordingly.

When on a diet, it doesn’t simply mean you consume a number of calories, you should also ensure that your body receives a proper amount of protein, carbs, fats, sugar, starch, vitamins, minerals, fibres and all other nutrients.

So the people who want to maintain their health and build some muscles should follow a 2800 calorie diet. Here are the options for you to eat when you’re on this diet.

1. Egg White Frittata

This classic egg dish can create a perfect start for your day. Eggs are rich in proteins and other nutrients. You can add some vegetables and spices to spice up your taste buds.

To create this wonderful breakfast, you need feta cheese, vegetables, pepper, spices and salt to taste. You may saute the vegetables before serving as that will taste better.

This pre-workout breakfast can be consumed early in the morning. The entire dish is just 300 calories. You may top it off with some extra cheese and cilantro to make garnishing very appealing.

2. Oatmeal with Banana and Skimmed Milk

Once you return from your workout, you may want to consume the healthiest protein source- oatmeal with bananas. 

You can prepare your oatmeals in different ways. Some people love to soak the oats overnight while some have their own ways. Soaking oats overnight is always the healthiest option.

When you consume this with skimmed milk, your body becomes energized and you have ample of protein and calcium to become stronger. This adds lean muscles! This tiny meal can be consumed around 9 am and consists only 300 calories. 

You may even add vanilla syrup, cinnamon or maple syrup to the oatmeal or skimmed milk to add taste to your meal.

3. Sweet Potatoes and Lentils Dahl

Who doesn’t love Asian curries and dahls? Lentils are widely used all over the world for their amazing protein content.

This healthy meal is a great option for kids as well as adults. To prepare this dish, you need sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, ginger, garlic cloves, vegetable stock, yogurt and other vegetables (optional). You can boil and peel the sweet potato, and stir fry other vegetables in another pan. Mix the two and add some chopped coriander to garnish the dish. 

Meanwhile, boil the lentil dahl. Top the lentil dahl with the sweet potato mixture. Even a bowl of this healthy lunch can keep you energetic for your daily workouts. 

The dish takes just 45 minutes to prepare and gives 600 calories for a pre-lunch.

4. Creamy Barley & Squash Risotto

Risotto has been a great option for all those who love risotto rice. 600 calories for your lunch is a great deal.

The flavour is so tempting, you might want to dive into this meal. You need some butter, finely chopped onion, butternut squash, garlic cloves, pearl barley, vegetable stock, grated parmesan cheese for the creamy barley and some chopped parsley for garnishing. 

Most people love this dish as they can consume it with a glass of white wine and it tastes truly amazing. Not that we support wine or any alcohol, but it’s all about the taste. 

5. Apple & Peanut Butter

For your mid-day energy, you may consume two tiny snack portions. The first option is Apple and Peanut Butter. This combination is deadly and to kill for.

Apples are a great source of nutrients and can help improve the immunity of a person. Its vitamin C content helps burn fats and gain leaner muscles. When topped with peanut butter, your snack becomes full of protein too. Peanuts are sources of energy and antioxidants.

Instead of diving into a junk pool, this is the healthiest snack options. You can slice apple/s into pieces and pour some peanut butter to eat. This gives you around 200 calories in all.

6. Protein Bars

The list keeps getting better with some chocolaty or nutty protein bars to snack!

If you’re someone who needs to bulk up, this is the best and healthiest option for you. You can make some protein bars at home by adding some flour, dates, nuts, cocoa powder and protein powder. Or, you can even buy the most nutritious protein bars from the nearest grocery stores.

Consuming one protein bar can be tummy-filling and extremely energetic as it has 200 calories.

7. Ham Croquettes

Ham? Did I say, Ham? Yes, please! 

Ham is healthy, that’s all. Since your diet should contain 45% carbs and other nutrients, this is the perfect way to come to an end. You need some potatoes, carrots, olive oil, chopped onions and parsley, cloves, minced ham, black pepper, salt, all-purpose flour, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs. 

This is just 300 calories for your pre-dinner. Trust me, both kids and adults love this recipe and you will love it too.

8. Pan Roasted Pork/Cottage Cheese and Salad

The final dinner should consist of a little fat and veggies. Keeping it light in the end, pork or cottage cheese can be healthy and energetic, while the veggies can help in digestion too.

This is not the kind of salad you can hate. It has tenderloin, salt, paprika, black pepper, dill, lemon juice, honey, green peas, zucchini, radishes, and some cheese. It takes just 25 minutes to cook this meal. You may replace the pork with cottage cheese if you’re a vegetarian. For the salad, you may add other vegetables too.

Top it with some basil leaves for an added flavour and it will give you just 300 calories.


While the 2800 calorie diet plan we suggested has 8 healthy options for you, you may also opt for some healthy smoothies as a mid-day snack or some wraps too. Remember, our motive is to gain leaner muscles and not fats.

If you’re extremely skinny, you may go on eating all of this with a regular walking or jogging schedule. However, if you aim at gaining muscles, you might have to focus more on lifting weights, doing some cardio and doing other exercises too.

Some yoga postures can help you have the flexibility and leaner muscles you’re looking for. Adding herbs and supplements can be an added advantage.

You may consult your doctor before starting any supplements or adding protein powders to your diet. Till then, become leaner!



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