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5000 Calories a Day Diet Plan: Will it work? Find All About It

5000 Calories a Day Diet Plan

Clean bulking can be difficult if you don’t know how and what to do. You must make sure that you plan your meals way ahead of time.

You mustn’t keep eating carbs always, your body needs everything in a perfect ratio.

According to science, your body needs about 15-20% protein, 25% fats, and about 55-60% of carbohydrates.

Following this, you should plan your meals, buy the ingredients and do the preparations in advance. We know how wonderful it is to have those carved abs and lean muscular body. To achieve this goal, you need to spend a lot of time thinking about what you can and cannot eat.

The best way to bulk up neatly is by increasing your nutritious calories and not just unrefined carbs and fats. Experts suggest increasing about 2000 calories a day to bulk up faster.

So here’s a 5000 calorie diet for the people who want to gain lean muscles.

1. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Smoothie

The classic peanut butter consists of a lot of calories. It certainly adds up to your protein and healthy carbs intake. Each spoon of peanut butter has about 100-110 calories.

You must add 2-2½ spoon of peanut butter in this smoothie.

Blend some powdered oats, a banana, greek yogurt, peanut butter and honey for taste.

This gives you about 750 calories to start your day. 

The smoothie tastes very delicious. You may even add some vanilla essence.

2. Avocado Egg Toast

Do you like the sunny side up? You can do that now! Adding avocado to your french toast or egg toast can improve the nutritional value of your breakfast.

The breakfast serves you about 700 calories in all. To prepare this, you need 2-3 whole wheat bread, eggs, spices and mashed avocado.

Two of these toasts will give you 550 calories, so you must top them with some flax, hemp or pumpkin seeds. Adding seeds can increase 150-200 calories. Also, the seeds boost energy and metabolism. You will instantly start to feel food and energetic.

3. Almond-Honey Power Bars

Who doesn’t love nuts? Almonds are everyone’s favourite, however, we cannot eat so many almonds every day. So we must prepare some almond-honey power bars that can serve your body with lots of antioxidants.

You may even add some granola bars in your list. Each bar serves about 250 calories, so you consume 500 calories in all.

To prepare these, you need slivered almonds, sunflower seeds, rolled out oats, flax seeds, dried apricots, raisins, almond butter, a pinch of salt, vanilla extract, and any other dried fruit you like.

These are really great to fill your body’s nutritional hunger.

4. Veggie Protein Chilli

This dish is really everyone’s favourite as it is a very well-balanced meal. You can have it at lunch preferably or dinner.

The lunch provides your body with 1000 calories. The people who don’t want to bulk up may use cauliflower rice, whereas, when you want to bulk up, you should use brown rice. Brown rice is the healthiest rice!

To prepare this dish you need, olive oil, onion, red chilli, garlic cloves, sweet potatoes, spices, mixed beans, chopped tomatoes, lime juice and soaked brown rice.

You can cook the vegetables with spices and serve it with steamed rice. To add another 200 calories, you may add two chappatis as well.

5. Waffle Raspberry Sandwich

Raspberries have a unique quality of flushing out all the toxins and excess fats from your body. It helps you if you’re trying to build lean muscles.

You just need to toast four waffles for two sandwiches, use some frozen raspberries and add some butter or freshly whipped full-fat cream to it.

You may use the butter of your choice and it gives you about 600 calories for two waffle sandwiches.

6. Tortilla Ham Wrap

Many people crave a lot of carbs in the evening as their sugar levels begin to drop. This is true in the case of athletes and underweight people.

If you’re someone who feels very hungry in the evening, you can try out this health wrap. If you’re a vegetarian, try cottage cheese instead of Ham.

Take a whole-wheat tortilla, 2 slices of ham or cottage cheese, 1 big spoon mayonnaise, and a cup of chocolate milk with it.”

Consuming this healthy wrap will give you about 700 calories for your evening snack.

7. Chicken with Rice and peas

Eating chicken for dinner can add up to your calories.

This dinner recipe serves you about 750 calories, depending on the quantity of rice you eat, it can go up to 900 calories too.

You need vegetable oil, onions, chicken legs, thyme leaves, curry powder, ground allspice, tomatoes, red chilli, and black-eyed bean peas.

The best part about this dinner recipe is that you can store the curry in your fridge and serve it with freshly steamed brown rice. It saves your time and fills you with so many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


Avoid drinking plain water in the afternoon and morning. You may add some fresh fruit juices or vegetable juices instead.

These can help improve your overall health by giving you vitamin A, Bs and C. Fresh juices are full of calories and a glass of it serves 100 calories approximately.

You may also try eating apples, bananas and oranges in the daytime for best results.


The 5000-calorie diet is surely not easy to follow for everyone. It requires immense hard work, meal planning and calorie counting. For the things and recipes you can prepare in advance, you will have to plan in advance.

Some of these can be stored in your fridge as it is not possible to keep cooking for so many calories throughout the day. The granola or almond-honey bars, fruit juices, fresh fruits, tortilla wraps, curry and so on can be stored and kept.

If you’re planning to follow this diet, we suggest you consult a doctor before doing so as it may have health complications of you’re obese.

In case you’re obese, try losing some weight and then bulk up. A nutritionist would be able to advise you better on this.

Following this diet plan can be good for athletes and gym-going people. We hope you enjoy eating healthy meals throughout the week! Happy bulking!

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