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700 Calorie Diet Meal Plan

700 Calorie Diet plan

One of the most important parts of losing weight is cutting out the extra calories. You wake up one day with the motivation to lose weight and nothing can come in the way of you and your weight loss. When someone is high on motivation, that person is willing to make drastic changes right away.

Cutting out a significant number of calories from your diet can be very tempting but unfortunately, the motivation soon wears out. The following diet plan will be best for those who want to reduce their caloric intake to lose weight. We will be discussing the 700 calorie diet plan.

But before we go into detail, let us first talk about whether or not this diet is safe. You can use this every other day but using this diet all 7 days of a week is not recommended because it can promote weakness. While doing this diet, do not ignore the hunger signs.

If you feel hungry then eat your food. There is no need to go on a hunger strike. It is best to allocate time for when you will eat throughout the diet but if you feel hungry then eat. Here are the goals.

  • Maintaining the right number of calories and that is fixed 700.
  • Make sure you obtain all the important vitamins and minerals.
  • Not feeling hungry throughout the day. For that eat high fiber food and drink plenty of water.

The 700 calories diet plan is ideal if you plan on attempting to lose weight quickly through calorie deprivation. Don’t forget to consult your physician to monitor your health when you are limiting yourself to such a low number of calories.

This is a huge change in your diet so make sure you know exactly what you are doing. Do plenty of research about it and check whether your body is capable to survive on such low calories. Plan your 700 calories diet in a way that gives the most nutrition out of the calories you eat.

What are calories & how should they be balanced?

A calorie is a unit of measurement. It measures the amount of energy in a drink or food item. We need the energy to live and the food that we eat basically gives us energy. Everything that we eat has calories in it but remember to eat calories that are high in nutrition and are healthy.

The problem like being overweight or underweight only happens when you don’t eat the required amount of calories. When you eat more calories than needed and do no exercise, you gain weight. Balancing your calories is very important. If you are able to maintain your current weight that means your calories are balanced.


  • The diet is not that life-threatening as everyone thinks of it. The diet is very beneficial if you eat the right food.
  • The 700 calories diet plan does not rely on specific foods or supplements. You are required to get regular, real food that is available at any supermarket.
  • It will help lower Gluconeogenesis. It is a process in which your body synthesizes glucose from sources other than carbohydrates, like proteins. When you are successful in lowering it, your body will lower the amount of blood sugar.
  • These low calories diets are good for your gut as well. It gives the colon the ability to clean itself and resultantly improve digestion, boosts your metabolism, and increases the absorption of nutrients.
  • The diet is very effective in the short term.
  • When you lose weight, your calorie requirement decreases automatically, that is when you will need to adjust your calorie intake. Whatever you do, the ultimate goal of this 700 diet plan is good health.
  • If you suffer from obesity or struggling with any kind of obesity-related illnesses which increase your risks of heart disease or diabetes, then this diet is best for you. It is an intense dietary change and is very effective if you want to see the result immediately.


  • The 700 calories diet will most likely make you feel tired and moody.
  • You will feel lethargic during the day but don’t worry your body will get used to it and will create an element of adaption.
  • Don’t worry, this diet will not slow down your metabolism but it will surely make you inactive.
  • The 700 calories diet plan is generally not advised as it’s unsustainable for most people. People most likely give up and end up eating a lot of high-calorie food. 

Sample 700 calorie diet plan

Here is a sample 700-calorie diet plan for a day. It is low-glycemic and provides you with a good amount of nutrition. Since the calories are limited in this diet, try to be very careful of what you eat, make no mistake.

I have to warn you that it won’t be easy. Watch out for any signs from your body that is telling you to stop. The best will be to follow it for no more than a week or two. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the diet. It will control your appetite and will give a feeling of fullness throughout the day.

Breakfast (255 calories)

  • 1 bowl oatmeal
  • 1 medium banana

Lunch (254 calories)

  • 3 oz. salmon, smoked or poached
  • Tossed salad with vinaigrette

Snack (8 calories)

  • 1 cup salted raw cucumber

Dinner (183 calories)

  • Lean baked chicken breast
  • 1 cup of broccoli


The human body needs a certain amount of calories to function properly. Sometimes we indulge more than the required amount, do minimum exercise, and thus end up gaining weight.

This 700 calorie diet plan is excellent to kick start your weight loss journey but make sure you are taking all the nutrition because that is what matters the most. Ideally, you should do this diet plan for a week or two and then discontinue it. You can start again after a few weeks but don’t do it consistently.

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