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710 Calorie Low-Fat Diet & Meal Plan: Plan Your Meals NOW

710 Calorie Low-Fat Diet & Meal Plan: Plan Your Meals NOW

Low-calorie food can be beneficial and harmful at the same time. It depends on what and how much you eat. Also, how many nutrients you consume and absorb is the most important aspect.

You may want to lose weight desperately but counting calories simply won’t do. You should look after your nutritional needs and plan your meals accordingly.

Meals can be planned beforehand if you know exactly what you have to eat. Here is a 710 calorie diet plan that will help you understand what you can eat on a daily basis and how many meals you can consume.

It is not about eating less, it is about choosing what you can eat to lose excess pounds. This diet will help you shed weight and develop lean muscles as well.

1. Mixed Berry Smoothie

Adding milk to your smoothies should be prohibited for now as you’re planning to lose weight. Milk can be hard for some people to tolerate.

Lactose intolerance is a common thing now. Also, it adds up to a lot of calories as well, so let’s cut it out.

Take about 25 grams of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries each. Now mix it with some no-fat greek yogurt very well.

Add no sugar as the yogurt and berries have their own tastes to relish. Simply grind these and enjoy the smoothies.

This breakfast smoothie provides you with 50 calories in all. You can have a glass full of it, feel full and yet consume only little calories. These berries have tons of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

2. Egg White & Black Pepper Omelette

Eating eggs can be extremely good for your health, but most people avoid it as the oil in omelettes can make it a very heavy calorie snack.

Instead of using a teaspoon of olive oil, we can use a non-stick pan and use only about 2-3 drops of oil or maybe no oil at all. You could use three egg whites in all and some salt and pepper seasoning for your omelette.

Your breakfast omelette will give you only about 55 calories in all. This is the healthiest way to start your day.

3. Tomato & Cucumber Salad

Salads are the way to go when you have to lose weight. Tomatoes and cucumbers are easily available anywhere and can be eaten raw as they’re very tasty as well.

A bowl of this salad will serve you with 35 calories in all. You can have a bowl full of this salad as this will make you feel full throughout the morning.

You can have this salad after your workout as cucumber has lots of water and fibre content that can help repair and heal your muscles.

4. Tarka Dhal with Cooked Rice

Having a medium-sized bowl full of Tarka dhal serves you with a lot of minerals and proteins. When you pair it with some nice cooked rice, your taste buds will literally thank you!

A bowl of Tarka dhal and some cooked rice can give you 210 calories in all. You should take one medium-sized cup of both. About 90 grams of rice and a cup/bowl of dhal should be good enough to serve you for lunch.

You can add lots of garlic, ginger, turmeric and cumin seeds to enhance the taste. You can use chana dhal to prepare this recipe.

5. Basil and Watermelon Juice

A cup of watermelon has about 40 calories in all. You can add a few more pieces, remove the seeds and ensure the watermelon is fresh and red.

This juice will keep you hydrated in the afternoon and serve you with 50 calories in all. You can add about 6-8 holy basil leaves or mint leaves for taste.

This benefits your intestines and digestive tract as it keeps it cool and inflammation at bay.

6. Raspberries and Yogurt

Raspberries have more fibre and nutrition than most fruits and berries. They’re extremely low in calories and you can munch them easily.

You can have half a cup raspberries with a cup of zero-fat Greek Yogurt. This has only 50 calories as well! You get some fibres, protein, a little bit of sugar and zero fat. Raspberries and yogurt are extremely good for your metabolic health as well.

7. Chocolate Avacado Cookies

While you sip on your green tea which is 0 calories, you can have 2 chocolate avocado cookies. They’re big, crunchy, and so delicious! Yummy!

Avocado has been linked to weight loss for a long time now. It has very fewer calories and provides a boost to your metabolic health.

Chocolates can be very beneficial in reducing the stress that causes you to gain weight. Hence, these healthy cookies should be included in your diet.

Each cookie gives you 30 calories, so you eat only 2 a day, 60 calories! You can bake these cookies without using ghee, oil and butter. Check out the recipe from the reference link below.

8. Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken Soup

If you have a pre-cooked chicken, this is a great time saver dinner recipe. This recipe by is one of the most loved recipes for dinner soup. It fills your tummy, has vegetables and nutrients, and has chicken too!

You need some sliced onions, garlic, black beans, kidney beans, chilli peppers, diced tomatoes, chicken broth, corn, lime juice, chilli powder, cumin, pepper, salt, cilantro and skinless & boneless chicken breasts. These are to be taken in the said amount by only.

A bowl of this soup will serve you with 200 calories. This is the best dinner you will ever have as most people skip dinner when they’re dieting.

Skipping dinner is not a good idea. When your body enters the starvation mode, it learns to store fats and burn them. Storing fat is unhealthy. So having this soup at night is an excellent choice as it is not too heavy and yet filling.


710 Calorie Diet Plan is only for you if you wish to lose weight faster. If you want to lose only a little bit of weight, you can try adding some more calories to your diet too.

These recipes are presented by experts to help you lose fat from your waistline and other areas.

You can try exercising, brisk walking or jogging every morning as well as evening to lose weight. Reducing stress can also help you! Try some deep breathing exercises to destress your mind and body.

Try to purchase and prepare some of these ingredients before you have to cook so it becomes easier for you to manage your kitchen. We hope you enjoy these meals!


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