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720 Calorie Diet a Day: Benefits & Side Effects! Full Diet Plan

720 Calorie Diet

When you want to lose weight, you know you must focus on exercises and diet plans. However, exercises and diet plans don’t work for everyone. There’s a way to manage your diet. 

Counting calories involves a lot of planning, especially planning your meals in advance. The world we live in knows no limits to consuming calorie.

All the dishes we know have a lot of fats. Hence, we must learn how to count our calories based on nutrients, vitamins and fats.

When you aim at losing weight, you have to ensure that you stick to a strict meal plant that provides your body with the energy to do your chores as well as nutrients to keep you healthy. So here’s a 720-calorie diet plan for your ultimate weight-loss goals.

1. Strawberry Smoothie

Start your day with strawberries. Their benefits can’t just be numbered. It is a great way to kickstart your morning.

Strawberry smoothies require no preparations. You might use frozen or fresh strawberries, chop them add blend with your favourite greek yogurt.

I prefer strawberry greek yogurt as it adds up to the taste of fresh strawberries. If you want it to be a bit sweeter, you may add some almond milk or honey to it too.

The breakfast smoothie activates your metabolism by 100 calories. This super-easy breakfast smoothie is a super healthy yet low-on-calorie option for the ones who want to lose weight.

2. Dry fruits/Peanuts

When you’re on a low-calorie diet, you may want to save your energy by eating something light that requires no cooking.

When you’re done with your workout, you may want to have about 7-10 peanuts or dry fruit pieces to keep your energy levels up.

These are excellent as they regulate our hormones, metabolism and heart health. A few pieces of nuts or dry fruits are considered to be very healthy. You may even add them to your breakfast smoothie.

3. Black Bean Burger

Burgers are best digested during daylight. It is better to avoid them at night when you want to lose weight as their fats may get stored in your body.

Black Bean Burger is a vegetarian lunch that gives you about 170 calories only. You may use black beans, white beans or even kidney beans to prepare this recipe. Mix some flour, oat, salt and pepper with the mashed beans and prepare patties.

Now just grease the whole wheat burger bun and add the patty in it. Grill it and enjoy the taste. You may even dip it in any low-calorie dip of your choice. Mint dips are great for your digestion and taste buds.

4. Buttermilk with little butter

Consuming buttermilk after lunch is very healthy and good for digestion. It helps your body remain calm and cool by keeping your tummy fine.

You can make fresh buttermilk at home and add some butter or spices. This will only give you about 50 calories overall.

Some people love it so much that they consume it for detoxifying their bodies too. It is a great way to shed excess belly fat as buttermilk empties the bowels regularly. It is also full of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin B12.

5. Eggwhite Omelette with Spinach

Your midday snacks can get creative and healthy at the same time. Without adding the yolks, you may take the egg whites of two eggs and prepare a nice omelette. 

Eat it with leaves of your choice. Adding green leaves like spinach can make your snack meal more interesting and healthier.

You may even use basil leaves, mint leaves or parsley. These have no calories and are extremely good for the digestion and absorption of the protein content of the egg.

This will prepare you for your evening workout.

6. Seedless Dates

Often while dieting, people become weaker and have low levels of haemoglobin. Their immunity drops and they can’t be healthy anymore.

Seedless Dates are easy to eat and can be dipped in your favourite peanut butter too. About 3 dates anytime in the day should be good enough to provide you with an ample amount of iron.

It boosts your energy, blood circulation and helps build leaner muscles too. Each date can provide you with 17 calories; hence, you should eat no more than 3 in a day.

7. Chow Mein

Who doesn’t love Chow Mein? I’m not talking about the unhealthy recipe. This is the healthiest chow mein recipe you will ever eat. The taste remains the same, the ingredients should change.

To prepare this amazing dinner dish, you need fresh or dried yaki-soba noodles, cabbage, celery, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, soya sauce, pepper, olive oil, onions, and some coriander for garnishing.

It takes about 20 minutes to cook and tastes delicious. Dieting experts love this dish because it is so much better than the take-out unhealthy version of chow mein. It consists of only 150 calories and gives you the goodness of green vegetables and root vegetables.

8. Protein Ice Cream

Although you’re on a diet, having a little dessert can’t harm you. Especially when the dessert is made of berries and greek yogurt.

You can mix berries of your choice and crush them in a blender with some vanilla flavoured Greek yogurt. This becomes your protein ice cream.

When you start and end your day with berries, your body gets tons of antioxidants that helps you become younger for years.

This bowl of protein ice cream will keep you full and energetic even at night. Your metabolism won’t slow down and you will be able to start fresh the next morning as well. Having a little sweet dessert at night can do wonders even when you’re on diet. This one gives you just 100 calories in all.


The 720-calorie diet should only be followed when you’re not deficient of something. The people who’re vitamin or minerals deficient may need to include more foods in their diet to remain healthy and energetic.

The meals are recommended with a goal of faster weight-loss and should not be implemented by the ones who’re already thin or have a slower metabolism.

Make sure you’re eating these on the right time and quantity to avoid excess fats and calories. 

You may experiment with the ingredients if you know their calories and nutrients. In case you plan on cutting down more calories, please consult a dietician before doing so. Until next time, “Happy meal-planning!”



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