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800 Calorie Diet – Calorie Restricted Diet for The Obese

Cutting down calories can be good for you if you are aiming to lose weight, but bringing down that to 800 calories can be quite a drastic step to take. And you should take that, most health experts say, only if you are suffering from obesity that needs to be abolished quickly and urgently for treating any kind of weight-related ailment.

Warning that precedes this diet form is that an 800 calorie diet is considered to be one in the VLCD (Very-low-calorie diet) range and should never be undertaken except under medical supervision. At all stages, it should also be supervised by a registered health expert. Else, it can lead to severe nutritional deficiencies and health issues.

Weight loss rate

Get ready to enjoy weight loss @ super speed with an 800 calorie meal plan. If you have been surviving on a diet of 2300 calories earlier, this would mean a deficit of 1500 calories flat from your diet right away. Add it up for 7 days and it’s easy to see that in 1 week, you are going to lose 3 pounds of weight with this diet (for every 3500 calories you lose 1 pound). Amazing truly, but such rapid weight loss obviously brings in tow certain health concerns, which can once again be unique for each dieter. That is why, it is all the more necessary for you to discuss your diet with your physician to understand if this particular diet will benefit you or not. If yes, then these are the benefits that you can expect to experience.


  • For obese individuals and for patients suffering from weight-related ailments, an 800 calorie diet followed for a short spell of time can bring down the weight in quick time.
  • Some studies also suggest that VLCDs, in the course of triggering weight loss in individuals, often end up improving fertility disorders, respiratory problems and cardiac ailments.
  • Benefits include improvement in BP count, waist circumference reduction and reduction in sleep disorders like sleep apnea etc.

For best results, every calorie should however be carefully punched with nutrition and the diet-plan complemented with exercise.


  • Unsupervised very low calorie diets can spell doom for health and wellbeing and the 800 calories a day diet is no exception.
  • Followed for long term, nutritional deficiencies and bone/muscle loss can be some natural triggers. In some cases, kidney and liver functions can be affected also.
  • Such a low calorie diet can severely slow down your metabolism, which, in future can lead to problems like weight gain and indigestion. Constant fatigue and diarrhea are not uncommon too.
  • People on VLCDs have been seen to form gallstones quite often. Reason can be less bile secretion but this is also one of the glaring side effects of an 800 calories a day, when continued for a protracted period.

1 day sample 800 calories diet plan


1 hard-boiled egg (78 calories) with 1 slice of whole-meal bread (80 calories) and ½ cup of non-fat milk (42 calories).

Alternatively, you can have a small cup of low-fat yoghurt for breakfast (154 calories) and a cup of watermelon cubes (46 calories).


Salads are the best choice when looking for nutritious, low-cal lunch dishes and 1 portion of green salad with ½ cup of grilled chicken will give you 70 calories. Add 1 small bowl of clear vegetable soup worth 15 calories and a few crackers worth 105 calories to this to make it 200 calories in all.

Alternatively you can straightaway have a small chicken sandwich without spread for a 200 calorie lunch.


You can have a filling 300 calories dinner in this diet. 1 grilled chicken breast (3 oz.) served with baked sweet potato (3 oz.) and steamed broccoli (1/2 cup) would make way for 250 calories. To end the day on a sweet note, include 50 calories worth sweet options like ½ oz. of dried blueberries or 1/3 cup of canned peaches or 1 small orange.

The remaining 100 calories you can source in from beverages and snacks. Healthier snack options include fruits like strawberries and raspberries, low fat yoghurt/cheese, nuts, ginger snaps, yoghurt biscuits etc.

Planning your own 800 calorie diet

Low-calorie diets are best planned by a trained dietician who knows how to load each calorie with maximum nutrition. Alternatively you can also refer to the internet for popular VLCD menu plans. Just make sure that –

  • the food is high on nutrition and low in calories
  • the diet contains fresh fruits and veggies
  • carbohydrates and fats are minimally included in the diet

Most importantly, your 800 calorie diet should be formulated under medical approval and supervision, may it be for any duration. Else, it can lead to muscle fatigue, dehydration, malnutrition and mental confusion too.

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