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Calories For a Day to Reduce Your Weight – With an Easy Diet Plan!

Calories For a Day to Reduce Your Weight

Being obese is not your fault, but not doing anything about it is definitely a sin. There’s one thing you should do: count your calorie intake. This can help you lose weight faster.

Losing weight by reducing your calorie intake is definitely a good idea that can help you shed excess belly fat faster.

However, the calorie intake depends on various factors: age, gender, height, weight, health condition, and the kind of activities you do. Most experts say how cutting at least 10 calories a day would lead to losing a pound every year.

However, that’s too slow for an obese person. Hence, it is advised to reduce about 500-1000 calories a day from your daily diet.

Understanding the Diet

On average, females should consume 2000-2400 calories a day if they’re not obese. If you’re a female who wants to maintain your weight, consuming 2000 calories should be okay.

Whereas for men, consuming 2200-2500 calories a day is considered normal. To maintain your weight as a man, consuming 2200 calories should be good.

To lose weight, a total of 500-1000 calories should be deducted from your diet. Experts suggest eating 1100-1600 calories a day to reduce weight steadily and keep it off. (Remember to take your activities into consideration)

Following is a weight-loss plan for individuals who wish to lose weight. You may consume the given meals or reduce the number of meals based on your health condition.

1. Avocado Toast with Eggs

Avocados have recently gained popularity for their weight-loss properties. The rich vegetable is extremely healthy and well-suited for your breakfast.

Also, adding eggs to your diet can help your body receive a good amount of protein. Protein should definitely be a part of your morning since it helps you gain leaner muscles.

You can have boiled eggs or omelette with vegetables alone for your breakfast too. Having eggs with avocado toast boosts metabolism which helps accelerate the weight loss.

It serves you about 250 calories, including eggs. This super-easy breakfast option is very nutritious.

2. A bowl of Oatmeal

If you like feeling full yet losing weight, oatmeals are ideal for you.

Overnight soaked oats can taste better and benefit well too. You may toss some oats in the microwave and cook them in water for best results.

It’s rich in dietary fibres that help regulate your metabolism and bowel movements. Further, oats contain some protein too that can keep you going throughout the day.

One bowl of oats cooked in water can serve about 100 calories only. They’re ideally consumed for breakfast or right after your morning workout.

3. Homemade Frozen Burritos

The affordable way of having burritos is making them at home, even better: freeze them.

Each serving gives you about 400 calories. To make a wonderful burrito, you need a whole wheat tortilla, black beans, cooked quinoa, canned corn, bell papers, diced onions, cilantro, skim mozzarella cheese and taco seasoning.

The lunch contains protein, fibre, sugar, Vitamin A, E, and magnesium too. It can be served with tomato salsa and goat cheese too. Everyone loves burritos, they’re healthy and nutritious, hence, this makes a great lunch!

4. Fruit and Yogurt

Having a dessert in the afternoon can be a dream! It is possible only when you consume a fat-free bowl of yogurt and fruit.

It takes only a few minutes to prepare and serves about 100 calories only. You may chill the yogurt to enjoy its flavour, it is exceptionally good to consume in the afternoon as it calms and relaxes your body.

You may add fruits of your choice. However, adding berries can improve your metabolism and may reduce the fat content even more.

Add some raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and apricot to the Greek Yogurt and enjoy the dish.

5. Greens and Omelette

Having some green leafy vegetables with your freshly made omelette is really healthy and nutritious.

It is suggested you consume spinach leaves with the omelette for its iron content. Spinach and omelette taste yum together and are very easy to prepare and serve.

Cook the omelette and wrap it in spinach leaves or other greens of your choice.

This pre-workout meal gives you 100 calories only.

6. Carrot Sticks with a creamy dip

Carrots contain beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin K and other important nutrients. Carrot sticks help you lose weight as well as keep you nourished.

Even a bowl full of carrot sticks can provide you with 100 calories only. You can pair it with a creamy dip, almond butter or hummus of your choice.

It doesn’t make you crave more food.

7. Vegetable and Bean Soup

Because digestion becomes difficult in the evening, we suggest you have some soup as an appetizer and metabolism activator.

The soup serves you 200 calories in all. Also, it provides you with a lot of nutrition of onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, corn, black pepper, salt, bay leaf, green beans, vegetable broth, parsley, diced tomatoes and some more beans

8. Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

You may wonder if eating chicken is allowed when you’re on a diet. Our answer is ‘YES’ if it is baked, you can.

The dinner dish serves about 300 calories. You can add boneless chicken breasts, cornstarch, olive oil, ketchup, vinegar, soya sauce, garlic, bell pepper, and green onions.

You may have a cup and a half and consume only 300 calories. The meal takes hardly any time to cook and prepare. The dish looks so tempting, you will be amazed at how full it keeps you.


Overall, the above-mentioned meals provide just 1550 calories a day. You must eliminate a meal or two if your goal is losing weight even faster.

If you wish to lose weight slower, you may increase the number of servings only by a little quantity.

If you intend on losing weight really quickly, it is advised that you suggest a doctor. Furthermore, if you have an existing health condition, you must consult your doctor before reducing or increasing a meal.

The meals are divided into 8 small portions to ensure your system digests well and you get time to shed the calories too.

We hope you enjoy seeing the transformation with a reduction in calories!

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