19 Dec

1000 Calorie Diet Plan For Dieters

To begin with, a 1000 calorie diet, being significantly low in calories, is not advocated for all to follow. Not the conventional diet plan, yes, but if you want to lose weight rapidly, this might be one of the most effective ones on the rack. On such a restricted calorie diet, the body utilizes its fat deposits for energy, thereby promoting weight loss in accelerated speed.

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15 Dec

1300 Calorie Diet – Popular Weight Loss Diet

Most diet experts are of the opinion that a 1300 calorie diet is often the most successful one in reducing weight in adults. 3 meals, over which the calories are spread out equally, and 1 small snack form the basis of this diet. Although this diet generally works for all groups of people, surprisingly enough, it seems to work best for small-framed women.

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10 Dec

2000 Calorie Diet – Well-Planned Diet for Healthy Living

A 2000 calorie diet plan is one of the healthiest diet plans to follow if you are not ready to compromise on any of the following two options – keeping your body/physique in top shape and eating healthy. The U.S. FDA uses the 2000 calorie count in daily diets as a point-of-reference for nutrient rich calorific intake and it can be a very satisfying option for dieters who want to lose weight alright, but lose it slowly and steadily without allowing the nutrient meter to take a dip in any of their meals.

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04 Dec

500 Calorie Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

A 500 calorie diet restricts your calorie intake drastically and in fact, to a meager fraction of what your actual calorific requirement is on a daily basis. For the same reason, it is featured under the category of VLCDs (Very-Low-Calories-Diets that supply below 800 calories/day), something which always need to be supervised at every level by a recognized medical practitioner.

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29 Nov

A Complete and Comprehensive Guide of the 1200 Calorie Diet

Over the years, health consciousness has become a part of everyday life. More and more individuals are growing increasingly interested in getting fit and healthy. Although this is definitely no easy task, it is possible to achieve it much easier, by formulating and sticking with a healthy diet! What exactly is a healthy diet? According to medical and health professionals, a 1200 calorie diet can help an individual lose weight. Although this all sounds awesome, you must first learn about this type of diet, before determining whether or not it is right for you. Below you will find more information that can help!

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02 Jan

How Many Calories to Lose Weight?

Losing weight should always mean losing fat….. and not muscles. Therefore the first thing that you should be careful about when counting calories is not to drag it to the extreme limits and take into consideration your height, weight and BMR when calculating how many calories to lose weight. Needless to say, the results would be different for different people.

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