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Low Calorie Snacks – Awesome snacks that are wholesome too

Calories, calories and calories! That’s all that all of us tend to think about when dieting. And rightly so, since this is one thing that seems to be the most significant culprit in contributing heavily to the weight that we gain over time. True, but do you know that calories can help you in losing weight too if you can create a deficit for it in your body? Incorporating into your daily routine healthy and wholesome low calorie snacks and well-balanced low calorie meals is one key to it.

What are low calorie snacks?

To define it, low-calorie snacks are quick tit-bits that you can nibble on between meals, containing calories that amount to lower than what is found in the usual snack items (roughly between 50 to 100 calories). They must however conform to the rules of healthy eating and offer the body enough nutrients, when ingested. As most nutritionists recommend, it should contribute in some measure to your daily quota of macro-nutrients, which must essentially contain of carbohydrates- 50%, fat -25% and protein – 25%.


Most dieters say that although they are quite ready to bite into low calorie foods when hungry, the problem more often than not is the time that is required to prepare them. And yes, there ARE people who really don’t have the time to prepare good quality low calorie food in spite of all good intentions, thereby ending up grabbing whatever they find in the fridge for quick snacking, without paying any heed to the calorie content.

The under-mentioned list has been specially created for these dieters-on-the-rush to help them eat well even when they are snacking.

  • Sugar-free Cereal Bars – the sugar-free readymade cereal bars that are found in the supermarkets can be real handy snack items that score low in calories (100-140 each bar) and high on nutrition.
  • Almonds – acclaimed as one of the best low-calorie snacks that offer excellent nutrition, a handful of almonds contain only 100 calories roughly.
  • Hard-boiled egg – one hard-boiled egg contains approximately 78 calories. In addition, it is also a great source of iron and protein.
  • Non-fat yoghurt – a cup of plain non-fat yoghurt (6 oz.) is a good snack, containing about 100 calories and loads of calcium.
  • Rice cakes – Rice cakes are filling snacks that offer no more than 40-60 calories each.
  • Low-calorie fruits – fruits are the best snack items that you can grab on-the-go. Some of the best choices are kiwi (46 calories), apple (85-95 calories), orange (65 calories), pear (45 calories), peaches (35 calories) and apricots (30 calories). Berries are amazingly low in calories – blackberries contain only 2 calories per piece, strawberries contain 4-6 calories and raspberries even less – only 1.1 calories. So you can easily snack on 1 cup of any of these without a trace of guilt.
  • Vegetables with yoghurt dip – a very nutritious and wholesome snack idea, ½ cup of mixed veggies like carrots, celery and broccoli served with 2 tablespoons of yoghurt dip would amount to 31 calories only.
  • Low-fat cheese slices – 1 single slice of low-fat cheese (American cheese) contains only 50 calories.

Low calorie foods that double up as meals

Missing meals when you are in a rush is a common thing to happen. In that case you can consider the following 2 snack ideas for quick nutrition.

  • Calories in 1 vegetable sandwich made of 2 slices of 100% whole-wheat bread filled with ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and onions would amount to 204 calories approximately.
  • 1 plain Tortilla wrap (56 grams) would claim only 175 calories of your daily calorific allowance and give you a filling snack and wholesome nutrition in return.

Why should you eat low calorie snacks?

All smart dieticians include healthy snacks in the diet plans of their clients and there are reasons for it.

For one, many studies have revealed that eating 3 meals and 2 snacks on a daily basis is the best way to lose weight.

Also, if you eat every 3 hours, the body’s metabolic rate stays heightened and thereby burns more number of calories than usual.

Healthy snacking keeps away hunger and automatically keeps one away from overeating at meals as well.

So if its weight that you are trying to keep off or cut back, don’t forget to include these low calorie snacks in your diet. They are awesome…. and wholesome too, meant to fill every calorie that you eat with healthy nutrition.

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