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The 1000 Calorie Diet by Dr. Nowzaradan

Dr. Nowzaradan, an Iranian-American heart surgeon, is the TV-host of the popular TV-show – My 600lb Life. It was 2012 when My 600lb Life first aired. Since then, the show’s popularity has been rapidly growing.

Dr. Nowzaradan uses his show to help morbidly obese individuals to prepare for their awaiting bariatric surgery. And how does he do that?

Well, with his 1000 calorie diet plan, of course! Today we are here to answer some of your most common questions related to the 1000 calorie diet plan with the hope to help you decide to change your life and with that your overall health.

Let’s start, shall we?

Dr. Nowzaradan represents the 1000 calorie diet

For his show – My 600lb Life, Dr. Nowzaradan has developed three different diet plans. His 1000 calorie diet plan is his by far the most popular one among anyone who has appeared on his TV-show.

As the name suggests, the 1000 calorie diet plan consists of a 1000 calorie intake per day. This calorie requirement covers all three meals and any snacks in between them on a daily level.

For many individuals, this diet plan may sound a bit restrictive and even impossible to follow. Maybe that is exactly what you have been thinking right now;

However, once we explain what you should and should not eat while on the 1000 calorie diet plan, you will see that this diet is more than doable and effective.

As Dr. Nowzaradan explains, he only ever focuses on two things during any of his diet plans, including the 1000 calorie one.

To get the ultimate results, you need to focus on eating small portions of whole, real foods. By doing these two small, yet meaningful changes in one’s life, one can surely expect amazing weight-loss results to take place.

Eating 1000 calories per day may be difficult at the beginning, especially since anyone who is prescribed this exact diet is morbidly obese. Because they are used to eating much more than 1000 calories per day, most of the participants on his show struggle with respecting the recommended calorie count at first.

But Dr. Nowzaradan is not popular for being easy-going. He has a rather tough-love, honest approach that has proven to be the most effective seeing the results that participants have achieved with his help so far.

And like any other major change, this one as well requires time for one to get used to it.

The participants need to get used to a smaller calorie count as compared to the one that they were following before. That way, they will be able to handle their eating habits better once they get their bariatric surgery done.

Anyone who has had a bariatric surgery done in the past knows that they need to watch what and how many they are eating because of their stomach being much smaller now.

The dos and don’ts of Dr. Nowzaradan’s 1000 calorie diet

To get all of the needed nutrients on a daily level and still lose weight, while avoiding to starve yourself, there are certain dos and don’ts that one is supposed to be respected during the 1000 calorie diet plan by Dr. Nowzaradan.

Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Dos

    • Do eat small portions throughout the day;
    • Do respect the recommended 1000 calorie count per day;
    • Do eat whole, real foods only;
    • Do eat lots of non-starchy veggies;
    • Do eat enough low-carb fruits;
    • Do include clean protein sources in every meal;
    • Do drink a lot of water;
    • Do drink unsweetened teas and coffee;
    • Do workout each day;
    • Do get enough sleep every night;
    • Do lower your stress levels.
  • Don’ts

    • Don’t eat any processed sugar and artificial sweeteners;
    • Don’t’ eat any high-carb fruits;
    • Don’t’ eat any starchy veggies;
    • Don’t eat any rice, both brown and white;
    • Don’t eat pasta;
    • Don’t eat any potatoes of any kind;
    • Don’t eat any cereal;
    • Don’t eat any honey and syrup;
    • Don’t drink alcohol;
    • Don’t drink any sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, juice, or any other sugary drinks.

Is Dr. Nowzaradan’s 1000 calorie diet an effective weight loss approach?

The 1000 calorie diet is a safe and effective method that will help you eliminate those extra body pounds. Like any other diet plan, this one as well will require time, patience, and effort to get the results of your dreams.

What makes the 1000 calorie diet plan different from most other diet plans is the fact that it has been developed by a certified cardiovascular surgeon, one that has experience working with morbidly obese individuals long before his TV show first aired back in 2012.

Dr. Nowzaradan will also adjust the diet accordingly since the diet plan is individually made for each person.

Factors such as height, age, goal weight, pre-surgery weight, gender, health status, and other factors are taken into consideration while creating each of the diet plans, although the general guidelines that we discussed before applying for each individual.


Dr. Nowzaradna, also popularly known as Dr. Now, is a renowned cardiovascular surgeon, author of two books, TV-host of his TV-show called My 600lb Life, and the developer of the unique diet plans.

One of those diet plans is the 1000 calorie diet plan, which was initially developed to help morbidly obese individuals to lose weight as a part of the preparation process for their awaiting bariatric surgery.

So far, on his TV-show, we have seen many successful cases in which the 1000 calorie diet has helped individuals get back to their healthy body weight and with that beating many chronic diseases and additional health issues.

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