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The 600 Calorie Diet

Just the sheer mention of the 600 calorie diet reminds many of Angelina Jolie, who, news reports claimed at a time, ate only that much of calories throughout the day. A shockingly skinny body she flaunts, right, but is that the right thing to do? Most food experts would voice a “NO” as an answer to this, except if you need to reduce weight drastically within a short time for medical reasons. And yes, that precisely should be the motive behind your keenness to follow a 600 calorie meal plan, if you are planning to embark on it.

One important diet form in the category of VLCDs, the 600 calorie diet is popular with dieters for its ability to cut down weight at an accelerated speed within a short time. It induces “Ketosis” in the body whereby the fat cells in it are broken down for energy in place of glucose. Many-a-times, normal meals in this diet are swapped with drinks, meal supplements, bars and soups.

However, 600 calorie diets for any duration should always be followed under medical supervision. Else, it can do more harm than good.

Weight loss rate

If you have been consuming a 2000 calorie diet beforehand, a 600 calorie diet would straightaway deduct 1400 calories from your meal platter on a daily basis. Added up for 7 days that would amount to 9800 calories per week, an equivalent of 3 lbs of weight approx., which you would be able to lose out quite easily on this diet on a weekly basis. Indulging in low to moderate levels of exercise during the diet phase would help you to cut back more.


  • One of the most clearly visible benefits of this diet is weight loss at an accelerated speed.
  • Some preliminary research studies have hinted that the 600 calorie meal plan is able to reverse Diabetes (Type 2).
  • VLCDs are often credited with the ability to increase longevity in people when adopted for a shorter duration of time, and the 600 calorie arrangement is a glaring name in that.


  • Like all other VLCDs, unsupervised 600 calorie food plans can put your health at risk.
  • Followed for longer durations of time, it can slow down the metabolism.
  • A slower metabolism can induce weight gain in individuals after they step off the diet and start eating normally.
  • VLCDs also stimulate formation of gallstones in dieters.

1 day meal plan for 600 calories

Liquid meal replacement diets and juice fasting diets are some of the most popular 600 calorie diets. But if you want food to make up your diet, read this.


1 cup (8 oz.) of unsweetened black coffee (8 calories) + 2 hard-boiled eggs (156 calories)

Alternatively, you can have a slice of 7 grain toast with 1 pat of unsalted butter (101 calories) + 1 cup of cappuccino (56 calories) + 1 almond (7 calories).


For lunch, keep an eye on the cooking procedure and medium.

1 (3 oz) grilled skinless chicken breast without oil or fat (110 calories) + 1 cup of chopped lettuce (8 calories).

Another good choice is a cup of garden salad with low-fat cheese, egg, tomato and carrots. That would be roughly 118 calories as well.


8 oz. of unsweetened black tea with 1 unsalted cracker – approx. 20 calories


1 serving (1 ¼ cup) of Spicy shrimps with rice noodles would give you 299 calories.

You can also opt for 1 serving (1 ¼ cup) of Grilled chicken brown rice salad for 299 calories. Add pitted cherries and black pepper for more flavor.

Planning your own 600 calorie meal

First of all, a 600 calorie diet plan is best formulated by a trained dietician who is able to load up every calorie with maximum nutrition as per the nutritional requirement of the dieter. If you are doing it, keep these pointers in mind –

  • Try to eat raw/steamed veggies and uncut fruits for maximum nutrition
  • Lean meat/fish and low-fat dairy are good food choices
  • Processed sugar must be avoided completely
  • Refer to calorie chart when choosing a food
  • Don’t forget to consult your health visitor before carving out or following a 600 calorie diet.
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